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420 Best WhatsApp Status Quotes420 Best WhatsApp Status Quotes: We upload the best, funny and the cool WhatsApp status. But today I am going for 420 Best WhatsApp Status Quotes. These are the fabulous, amazing and behind the scenes covers a lot of lesson for life. Whatsapp Web Status is the feature of instant messaging Whatsapp. People use it for the sake of fun and entertainment of spending their free time in touch with the family and friend. So share your ideas, feelings, views, emotions and the attitude in words, text, audio, and video. We update the 420 Best WhatsApp Status Quotes.

  1. Today Best Whatsapp Status
  2. Best Attitude Whatsapp Status
  3. Love Status Quotes in English

Today Best Whatsapp Status

  • I love to talk open minded and love to spend time with them
  • There is a lot of mistakes that we have done every day but try to pick the lesson not to repeat them.
  • We born in the generation of WTF. Wi-Fi, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • I like the teamwork but only in the examination hall.

420 Best WhatsApp Status Quotes

  • Cheating is something else but we like teamwork.
  • You know I know something new when I close my eyes when I see my silly and naughty but you don’t try its mine friends just for me.
  • The prediction of weather about tonight is the dark night with the light of moon and stars.
  • I do not want to marry but I like to go one level up.

Best Attitude Whatsapp Status

  • Attitude is your inner feeling and thinking and the action shows your silly thinking.
  • If you want that people block you on facebook and messenger then put you on the bad attitude.
  • I am dreaming that my is also in dreams.

420 Best WhatsApp Status Quotes

  • Put your attitude positive otherwise success has more attitude.
  • I love my enemies because they never let me alone in any condition.
  • Buil a strong positive character and don’t waste time to put attitude status.
  • If you are Mike then call me tonight.

420 Best WhatsApp Status Quotes

  • I don’t care what people think about me it’s mine attitude and I love my own jobs.
  • Be like a sunshine to provide the light to people and be a shadow to provide the pleasure.
  • Attitude is the reflection of your behavior how you treat me. So don’t think about my attitude oversee yourself.

Love Status Quotes In English

  • If you want to know what is love then you are the whole definition of my love.
  • I Love someone and I am going to make the stupid thing.
  • I can understand everything of my life the reason is that I understand the love and its depth.
  • When you will fall in love then it means now you open your saving energy box to talk day and night.
  • The respect is the main builder of love.

420 Best WhatsApp Status Quotes

  • If you want to show how much you love someone then wait for them as you can wait.
  • The strength of love shows when someone goes from your life.
  • Love is nothing but a name of relationship that is base on sincerity and secrecy.

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