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AT&T “Speed Test” is used for the measurement or examines the speed in between your computer and the internet. When you have to know about your own connection and the speed then you can take some easy steps to improve them. The AT&T Speed Test is basically used to test the speed of internet from the internet service provider normally we say that the baseline to your device like a computer, laptop whatever device you are using.

You can examine your connection either you are using the AT&T services or some other connection. Using the AT&T Speed Test you can test your broadband connection and check how it is working and on which speed you are currently working. When you will check the baseline connection of your broadband connection then the results show the measurement of two things

  1. The downloading speed of your internet service provider

Downloading speed means the speed from the internet to your device.

  1. The uploading speed of your internet services

The speed form your computer to the internet.

AT&T Speed Test


How to Check the Connection Using the AT&T Speed Test?

Here we will discuss the steps how you can check the internet speed between the baseline and your computer

1) Internet connection

First, check your internet connection that you are connected to the internet and if you are using the wireless connection then remember that you are the only one or your device is the only device which is connected to the internet. Disconnect all the other devices that are connected to your internet services either you are surfing the internet or not but you need to disconnect the all other devices. Then connect to the device from which you want to check your internet connection.

AT&T Speed Test

2) Test the Wi-Fi connection

  • The older or Wi-Fi devices have the low internet speed and make sure you are in the area of the Wi-Fi device like Wi-Fi device maximum coverage area is 10 feet and also check the line of site.
  • The Wi-Fi connection is disturbed due to some small apps like Bluetooth, wireless phones so must disconnect all the devices that cause the interruption on the AT&T Speed Test.

3) Then close all the windows that you are open to your device or apps that you are currently surfing.

4) At the end now you need to click the “Run AT&T Speed Test”.


AT&T Speed Test


Results of AT&T Speed Test

When you will check the internet speed the metrics are designed for the purpose to show your results. This panel shows the statistics and the ups and downs of your services of internet. Here you will get the upload and the download variations that show on this metrics. If you are the user of AT&T connection then the average connection rate of this service provider is 32.6 Mbps that is recorded in 2018. The dormancy average rate of AT&T Speed Test is 102ms which is recently recorded for the broadband connection. If you are using the wired network then the average rate is 5-70ms and instead of wired if you are the surfer of satellite then the average dormancy rate is 500-800ms.


AT&T Speed Test

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