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Cool Whatsapp StatusThe user of Whatsapp status like the Cool Whatsapp Status. Most of the people find the new and the best Cool Whatsapp Status in a google search Whatmobile. In this site, we have a lot of collection of Whatsapp status. In the collection of WhatsApp status, we have the 420 Best WhatsApp Status Quotes and the Best WhatsApp status in Hindi. But after the search, I feel that the users of Whatsapp status find the Cool Whatsapp Status. So today I decide that I provide you the short amazing and the charming Cool Whatsapp Status. Here you see the updated and the latest collection of short status that people want to add to their account.

25 Best Cool Whatsapp Status

  1. Life is too short. Years pass like a month so don’t waste time and enjoy this boring life.
  2. Did you know I am genius?
  3. I am awesome by birth because I am the choice of evils.
  4. I call all the boys’ brother expect the only single one.Cool Whatsapp Status
  5. By birth, my friends make the silly jokes.
  6. The best thing is that people deserve respect. There is no respect for those who demand.
  7. Life is the vehicle and I am the driver of that vehicle.
  8. Remain busy in your life so you don’t have enough time to think about the people what they think about you.
  9. My wife is my first choice and I don’t like the second choice.Cool Whatsapp Status
  10. I am a lot of fans that hate me but I always love my fans.
  11. If there is any buyer of the online brain I want to sell the brain of my friends.
  12. The people have the equal brain but they use according to there own value.
  13. I am the backbencher but I like the first bencher.Cool Whatsapp Status
  14. There is a copy of my mind is for sale. Interested people contact me.
  15. I am interested in those people who interested in my status reading.
  16. Get the lesson from my cool status.
  17. To do the work in which you have interested this lead you to get success.Cool Whatsapp Status
  18. People impress from my cool personality but I like to express my own personality not to impress from others.
  19. I always want to get success with no mistake.
  20. Silent people have the loudest mind.
  21. Now it’s time for the chat.
  22. Something in our life that we love more when they are far away from us.Cool Whatsapp Status
  23. When you know the value of independent then you hate the people who depend on others.
  24. Some people are so lazy that without putting the Wi-Fi off they sleep and other people think what they doing till too late night.
  25. You do not need to get confused about my charming personality and the cool attitude.

Cool Whatsapp Status

So all the above mention cool WhatsApp quotes are amazing. As we know that today’s the most famous and the favorite social network is WhatsApp. And the people love to use it and remain connected with the people. According to the trend, people change their status as per their current mood. Here on this site you also get the other Cool Whatsapp Status.

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