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Dailypakistan.com.pkWeb portal Dailypakistan.com.pk is the platform that starts their publication form 22 years ago. The daily newspaper is one of the famous newspaper and the web portal dailypakistan.com.pk is also so much popular and daily views of this website are in millions. The services of this web portal are available in both Urdu and English language. The chief editor of Daily Pakistan is Mr. Mujeed ur Rahman Shami. This web portal is specially designed to give you the services at one platform.

Daily Pakistan publishes a lot of new and information that you can get from dailypakistan.com.pk. Here you can watch the online news of Pakistan and the international news and know about the world. Daily Pakistan provides you the services of the world, sports, breaking 24 Live news, lifestyle, business, sports, technologies, opinion, CPEC, and the live TV.

World – Daily Pakistan Global

Daily Pakistan broadcast the latest news and the international news. Here you will content with the foreign country, then you will get the information about the taxes, new policies, and the market rate of the world. Then you get information about the export and import that is most important for the businessman. This very helpful for them when they will export or import their products.



Sports – Daily Online Pakistan

The international and the national games that the people want to watch live, Dailypakistan.com.pk provide you with the facilities to get the live score and information all about the sports. The games like cricket, hockey, and the railing that is most favourite games of the Pakistani people. The latest news is that the Muhammad Amir is fit for the Lord’s test.


Lifestyle – Daily Online Pakistan

People are very conscious about their lifestyle and want to adopt the lifestyle of actress and the world of showbiz. The Dailypakistan.com.pk provide you with the detail information and the living style of these people. Daily Pakistan published the lifestyle of all the modern people and you can get the detailed information about that charming personalities.


Business – Daily Online Pakistan

In this category Daily Pakistan published the detailed information of the all business related projects and the new policies of all the projects. The latest news about the load shading, Pakistan win pet, coca cola, Nesabe Zakat, and all other business projects. This is the best platform that you will connect with the world and get the latest information.


Technology – Daily Online Pakistan

Now we are living in the age of technology and computer science. Each next coming day gives a lot of new and wonderful amazing technologies that we can’t imagine. Daily Pakistan gives you the way that you will be aware of all these technologies and the new apps that the world introduce and you can take a lot of benefits from that technologies.


Live TV – Daily Online Pakistan

This web portal also provides us the live TV streaming. You can watch the live showbiz, cricket match, and the drama serials. The businessman watches the live streaming of new either these are national or international news. This is the compulsory part that you will know about the outer world and known the market values of some other countries and also in Pakistan.


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