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Google Speed Test | Google Broadband Test - PakNts.ComNowadays Google Speed Test this is a common query that is searched by most of the people to check their internet speed and it is the conflict of interest that people want to get the speed and the way to improve it. The internet service provider gives us their own Google Speed Test but remembers that the internet service provider also avoids some variations and does not want to show them, So that the third party is necessary to check your browser speed.

The internet route test that tests the internet speed to their user but they provide the same result to all the user with same variations. In the ranking factor the speed is the most important factor to rake your website then the Google make their own Google Speed Test checker and test the speed to the surfer and provide their own criteria.

Google Speed Test

You can download the Google Speed Test and check the internet speed by the Google and other internet service provider speed then you make sure that the speed checker of Google provide your own variation and does not eliminate the variation factor. The other speed checker that you will get from the one-click search like Pingdom and other these all eliminate the routing factor but you know this is the main point that makes your connection faster. If you really want to check the speed and the location where your website is brows form your browser then you really download the Google Speed Test.

Google Speed Test


Steps to Check the Speed using the Google Speed Test

There are two steps to check your internet speed form Google Speed Test

  1. Google Broad Band Speed Test
  2. Google Speed Test

Internet Connection: To check the internet speed you must need to first check your internet connection and sure that you are connected to the internet and your connection is secure. Check your internet connection that it is wireless or wireline and check the ISSD. These things are necessary to examine the Google Speed Test and sign in.

Query for the Google Speed Test: Now you are on the Google home page to search the Google Speed Test in the search bar then you will find the many search result or online to check the internet speed and also but there is also the Google own speed test.

After that when you will click the Google own speed test then click the “Run Google speed test”. The google applet examines your internet connection download it check it and then upload, all these scenarios you are seeing in real time then the result of your internet service provider speed will display on your screen. In the result, you will see that your web location and some other information that is used to examine the internet service provider speed and the main and primary thing your intent speed.

Google Speed Test | Google Broadband Test - PakNts.Com

There is a million of internet connection you can check your own then compare the result of some other ISD maximum speed and upload using the login.

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