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HUM TV LiveHUM TV Live: HUM TV Is an entertainment channel that operates a variety of its type having the best transmission. Hum TV LIVE was started in the middle of 2005 in the first it was only one channel that sports all the movies, drams and shows of different kind but as the time passes it made great progress an now at that time it covers many channels that are opened all the time like a 24-hour to provide the entertainment that is based in Karachi.

The Office of Hum TV Channel Live is situated in Karachi where all the transmission is handled. Hum TV received many awards as to operate the best business in the world as a source of entertainment and fun.

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It is clear that HUM TV Live is the Pakistani channel that is the source of fun you can watch here every type of transmission. Hum TV LIVE was launched from 13 years ago near about in the mid of 2005, January 17th that is owned by the owner of HUM V Live and called it as the Hum Network Limited that is situated in Karachi the biggest city of Pakistan. All the transmission is telecasted in the Urdu language because it is the national language of Pakistan. HUM TV Live has also its companion that was introduced after HUM TV is Hum Masala and Hum Sitaray that is also famous after Hum TV online all those channels covers its own transmission that is different from each of Hum Channels. As Hum TV has a variety of channels that is why it is called Hum Network TV.

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Hum TV has innovatively channel that changed completely drama Industry and maintains all the value of our country. HUM TV Live offers such programs that is effective and elegance to watch it one of the most important thing about the transmission of HUM TV Live drama is that it takes first step higher to promote Pakistani culture and also enhance the traditional values of our country Pakistan and in this way it is considered one of the best channels and all this credit Is goes to the president of HUM TV Live Mrs. Sultana Siddiqui that introduced this type of content in front of people. It is just not working in Pakistan but also its receives many awards from abroad country al the transmission of HUM TV Live is telecasted through the world in all the famous countries where people love to watch Hum TV channels.


As at that time HUM TV Live is considered one of the best-operating channels for the drama serial in Pakistani industry and in this regard it also receives many awards that prove really as best working channel in Pakistan or also in the world. One of the best awards that HUM TV Live receives as “Excellence in Hum TV achievements” launching as the best hum Awards program in the world.

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