Learning Management System – Virtual University of Pakistan

lms2.vu.edu.pkVirtual university is completely based on the modern technologies and the number one university of Pakistan. This university was established for the public sector and no means of earning. The goal of this university is to provide the high-class education to the public sector and due to the modern communication, the students inspire and provide them with the high class and affordable class environment and the provide them with the lms2.vu.edu.pk.

The Learning Management System is the best way to provide the student complete information. The learning management system (lms2.vu.edu.pk) contains the categories and complete information about Eid Mubarak SMS these categories. The categories of this system including Noticeboard, handbook, my course list, my to-do list, course website, course content, course links, course books.

Notice Board lms2.vu.edu.pk

From this section, the student can get the important details of news and event. This section contains the important links that are worth visiting and also the notification about the events of the student. The links including the student examination detail, student endowment fun, corporate discount application and so many other links.


Student Handbook lms2.vu.edu.pk

The university has some rules and regulations for their students. This section contains all the information about the norms, rules, and regulations, the procedures for the academic and non-academic. The complete detail is available for the student.


Course Lis lms2.vu.edu.pk

In this, you can get the complete information about the course in which the students currently get admission. The different courses are denoted by different icons and then the updated course detail. Then you just click the link and get the updated detail to the related course.


My To Do List lms2.vu.edu.pk

This section shows all the activities of the students like their marks in the quizzes, assignments, and projects. You will see the detailed information either the student submits the assignment or not if submits then on time or not and how many marks obtain in the quizzes.


Course Contents lms2.vu.edu.pk

The courses that the students study all these courses are a part of this. The course contents take the all the details about a course for which the student searching currently. Then you can get your desired course and download and also search you recommended topic for the whole course.


Course links lms2.vu.edu.pk

You will get the detail information and the video lecture form the given links. The links are provided so that the student easily get their desired course. The videos and the data contain the information in depth so that the student satisfy.


Course Books lms2.vu.edu.pk

Here you will get the books in the huge amount than the detail of books like the edition, author, and the publisher info. So for the purpose to get more leaning to your desired subjects you can search the recommended book related to your course.


Graded Discuss Board lms2.vu.edu.pk

This section is just like a discussion board. Here you will discuss the topic when your instructor posts the topic. Then you will comment below and share your review. You can comment on the topic within the due date. Then all these comments you can review form learning management system.


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