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NADRA is a code word form of National Database and Registration Authority in Pakistan. It is the type of Government database system consists of Nadra tracking id check status in the constitution of Pakistan having headquarters in Islamabad a capital of Pakistan. The motto of this database system is to record the living people in Pakistan through identity.  A big responsibility of NADRA office to maintain a record of national identity cards of the citizen of Pakistan, issuing computerized system of Nadra CNIC verification. It is considered one of the best offices to control all the records maintaining in the largest form of the biometric database as a citizen of Pakistan.

NADRA office is separately available in all the cities of Pakistan but the main office which handles all the records of headquarters in other cities of Pakistan is situated in Islamabad. It is estimated that one of largest database organization system is having employing nearly about 11,000 people or more working in different 800 domestic office and five international office. The entire database is handling in a way of secure manner and keeps the safety of its citizen’s database. As a present, it is currently issued that the entire database is headed and directed by Usman Yousaf Mobin who was the chief of NADRA office and now he is appointed as the chairman of Nadra CNIC verification. As Cnic card is issued at the Age of 18 under Pakistan law its compulsory to carry one for the Pakistani citizen because it helps you to Check Nadra CNIC Online. However, it is considered as the basic part of living in Pakistan and anywhere in the world. However the records of Nadra tracking b form so, for Pakistani citizen, it is mandatory under some condition which is given below as;

  • It may help and necessary for casing vote.
  • Obtaining a passport for going abroad.
  • To purchase any vehicles and land it must be available otherwise you would be faced some problem.
  • Obtaining a Driver license it must be necessary
  • Purchasing Nadra Tracking Online for the case of purchasing plan or train tickets.
  • One of most important of using it to get admission to a college and other post-graduate institute and to get Job.
  • Nadra tracking id check status is used for conducting the major financial transaction.

CNIC Application Fee Details:

Fees for Computerized NIC / Smart NIC

Application Categories
Fees (PKR)
CNIC Reprint/Lost 1,000
CNIC Cancellation 15,750
Smart NIC Modification 1,500
Smart NIC Reprint/Lost 1,500
Smart NIC Renewal 1,500
Smart NIC Cancellation 15,750

Fees for NICOP / Smart NICOP

Application Categories For Countries in Zone A1
Fees (PKR)
NICOP Reprint/Lost 10,500
NICOP Cancellation 15,750
New Smart NICOP 10,500
Smart NICOP Modification 16,300
Smart NICOP Reprint/Lost 16,300
Smart NICOP Renewal 10,500
Smart NICOP Cancellation 15,750
Application Categories For Countries in Zone B2
Fees (PKR)
NICOP Reprint/Lost 6,300
NICOP Cancellation 15,750
New Smart NICOP 5,400
Smart NICOP Modification 8,700
Smart NICOP Reprint/Lost 8,700
Smart NICOP Renewal 5,400
Smart NICOP Cancellation 15,750

Fees for Modification in Age

Type of Modification in Age Fees (PKR)
Difference in Age is less than or equal to 1 year 1,000
Difference in Age is greater than 1 BUT less than or equal to 2 years 2,000
Difference in Age is greater than 2 BUT less than or equal to 3 years 3,000
Difference in Age is greater than 3 years 5,000
Request for modification in Age for a 2nd Time 10,000

Fees for Delivery to Applicant’s Address

Location Fees (PKR)
Pakistan 100
Overseas 1,000

Fees for FRC

Application Categories
Fees (PKR)
New 1,500
Verification 100

These are all the use of that one can face as a de facto which is the necessity of meaningful civil life in Pakistan for Nadra Tracking Online. There are two types available for issuing identity card in Pakistan like CNIC and SNIC. If you want to get their Nadra tracking id check status in an Urdu version then you should use CNIC card and SNIC ID card is used for issued the electronic identity card which was the first type of international card. Before introducing a CNIC card a manual identity card is issued first for the citizen of Pakistan. Nowadays the government has shifted all the database of existing record of national ID card into Nadra CNIC Online computerized system. So, in any situation, you can get and Check Nadra CNIC Online. So, it is recommended for every citizen to have a NIC number and also registered in NADRA office for Nadra cnic verification.

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