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Names of ColorsNames of Colors: Color plays an important role in our daily life it makes the human to recognized the human visual perception that has different categories. Everything is colorful in the world even that you also think the human body color is also different from other people.

Color makes our life attractive and beautiful to see it. Different kinds of color around us and we also wear different colors of cloth that improve our personality.


Names of Colors with Types

  • A primary color which is the most basic color of the worlds
  • A secondary color which is made up of the combination of two primary colors
  • Tertiary colors which also popular as the name of an Intermediate color
  • The monochromatic color which has a real variety of color
  • Neutral color that has light shade such as our earth tones
  • A complementary color which is also the combination of different colors when all combined.

Names of Colors in English With Pictures

white colorsWhite Color: The white color is the most common and popular color of the world balanced color. The white color is the combination and pair of complementary color which has visible light spectrum. The white color is considered the neutral and achromatic color that sparkles the personality of humans. The white color is available in different shades.


Grey colorGrey Color: Grey color is the light shade color that Is the mixture of achromatic color that Is lies between black and white. Grey color may be in the form of chromatic color or achromatic color that is mixed with each other and formed the new shades such as azure grey color that looks a cool color to wear it. Different shades of grey color are available.


Black colorBlack Color: 
The black color is the dark and common color in the world that is liked by most people. The black color is in the result of absence and absorption of light with the mixture of some white and grey color. The black color is the mixture of literally color.


Magenta Color: Magenta is the darkest type of color which is a mixture of purplish-red, reddish-purple and mauvish-crimson color. The magenta color is made up of the combination of RGB and CMY model color.  It is a combination of complementary color having different light spectrum color denomination. Sometimes it is also considered as the subtractive primary color.

Pink colorPink Color: The pink color is the attractive and darker shade color that invokes the light and attracts the human eyes. It is the combination of additive primary color having different shades.


Red color

Red Color: The red color is the common and popular color of the world that looks too attractive to wear it. It has different shades that consist of different predominantly combinations. It is also considered as the additive primary color having a variety of shades.


Brown colorBrown Color: Brown color available in different light and dark shades that is mixed with shades of reds, oranges, and yellows having a different denomination of colors model. It is said that brown color is formed with the mixture two compliantly colors such as RYB that contains all the shades of the primary color.

Green colorGreen Color: The green color is the combination of different colors that are available in both darker and light shades that are invoked with having light spectrum color denomination model. The green color is the blooms color and sparkles the personality of a human when it is wearing having different additive primary colors shades.


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