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Telenor Internet Packages: Telenor has also launched the new Telenor Internet Packages TO capture the moments that are enabled on a mobile phone has all the features and offbeat theme to target the youth of Pakistan. The features packages offer you to meet with monthly, daily, weekly data allowance for its prepaid customer and postpaid customer on the GPRS bundles that is known as the internet that also offers its customer to have a Jobs In Islamabad in Telenor network company.

This innovation of internet packages make the world totally change and people use this service with the best way even that new generation has instant access on the website and the web browser to use facebook and Whatsapp on your mobile phone. Even that you can also get online privacy on the social media using Telenor Internet Packages.

  • Telenor postpaid social bundles
  • Telenor prepaid social bundles
  • Telenor internet 100 packages
  • Telenor internet 200 packages
  • Telenor internet 350 packages
  • Telenor internet 600 packages
  • Telenor internet 1000 packages

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Telenor Daily Internet Packages

There are multiples types of Telenor Internet Packages that is for the customer needs and it is allowed for every new user to access these packages according to their needs and requirements. There is another bundle of Telenor internet packages for daily use in daytime or night even that at any time of the day you can have this opportunity just for 24 hours.

 Daily Internet Bundles Name

Price (Rs) Volume (MB) Validity Activation
4G Daily Unlimited Internet Bundles Rs. 16 350 For one day (1 AM – 7 PM) *10#
4G Daily Bundles Rs. 15 75 MB One Day *345*131#
4G Daily Lite Bundles Rs. 12 50 MB One Day *12#

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

There is another point to get the internet bundles which are applied any time of the day but take care of the validation of internet packages. To activate Telenor Internet Packages and get the unlimited bundles in the charge of Rs. 25 plus taxes and get unlimited 100 MB’s for weekly internet packages.

After the deactivation of Telenor Internet Packages validity option for 7 days offers you to apply again code status.  More and more about Telenor packages the quality is good in the cheap rates and once can easily enjoy non-stop streaming, the fun of social media, website, facebook and twitter or other social media that is regarding with 3G daily, weekly, monthly internet packages.

Bundle Name Bundle Price (Rs) Bundle Volume (MB) Bundle Validity Bundle Sub- Code
4G Weekly Unlimited Internet Bundle Rs. 70 2 GB A Week (1 AM – 7 PM) *345*144#
Weekly Plus Bundle Rs. 100 1200MB 7 Days *345*164#
4G Weekly Bundle Rs. 75 750 MB 7 Days *345*134#

Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

If we talk about the progress of 3G Telenor Internet then it would not be wrong to say that at that time Telenor is tremendous due to offer the variety of 3G packages. One of the best offers for internet bundles for 30 days for the activation of charge for Rs. 35 plus taxes. 

For the first time, you need to follow the code status to subscribed the desired packages data. The validity of internet bundles is for 30 days for the activation of the dial the shortcode form the keypad of your mobile phone. A lot of bundles for internet packages of Telenor is available that is for the customer to select one type of packages which is more attractive to the new user.

Bundle Name Bundle Price Bundle Volume (MB) Bundle Validity Bundle Sub Code Unsub Code
4G Monthly Starter Bundle Rs. 300 2,250 MB Month (30 Days) *345*935# Automatic Expiry
Monthly Data Offer Rs. 140 2 GB + 1 GB Pocket TV Month (30 Days) *301# Automatic Expiry
4G Monthly Plus Bundle Rs. 1,195 10,500 MB Month (30 Days) *345*136# Automatic Expiry
4G Monthly Bundle Rs. 478 4 GB Month (30 Days) *345*135# Automatic Expiry

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