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Urdupoint.comThere are so many Urdu web portal in Pakistan but the best, oldest and the one that is informative and interesting is Urdupoint.com. Urdupoint.com is one of the free web portals on the internet and first launched on August 2000 in Pakistan. This is the top-ranked web portal that is 500 times visited on daily basis and so many likes and sharing on social media.

The popularity of Urdupoint.com is that it is in our national language and the people easily understand and interested to get all the information like sports, news, health, weather, cooking, books, technologies, PESCO Bills and games. the detailed and up to the date information about all these points you will get from Urdupoint.com.

Urdu Point News 

Urdu point provides you with the national and the international live breaking news and the detailed information of the news. If you are interested to get the latest news and want to connect with the world then must watch the news of Urdupoint.com. Here you can also submit your news related to your business and the other issues that are important for the safety of your era.

The latest news about the National assembly is that national assembly passes the financial budget of 2018. This financial budget provides you with the constitutional protection for the next year. The deficit in budget 2018 to 2019 is 1890 billion but the position not accurately described by Finance Minister Mr. Ismail.


Urdu Point Sports

Urdupoint.com that cover sports like all other new and the technical information. The old, young and even in the new generation the Youngers also watch the television and especially sports with full temptation. In the village and rural area of Pakistan people are less literate.so that they cannot understand or speak English language but Urdu is easy and really interesting language to speak. For those people, Urdupoint.com is the best way to connect with the world and aware of the domestic circumstances of the Pakistan and foreign.


Urdu Point  Technologies

Now, this is the world of technology. The time is so far that the people cannot meet with each other or even talk with each other. Urdupoint.com provide you all the news about the latest technologies and the world make new and amazing things that you cannot even think about it. The latest news is that Google combines the Google new brand with the valuable storage plan.


 Weather Update – Urdu Point

To get the latest prediction about the weather you just need to come on Urdupoint.com. The people in the rural area of the farmer must know about the weather because they make the next plan about their crops and want to get the maximum benefits. So Urdu point is the best web portal that provides you with the information about each and everyday prediction about the weather forecasting. Latest news about the weather is that today will be the chances of rain in the most area of Pakistan.

Urdu Point Recipes

At this web portal, you will get all the cooking recipes of Pakistan, Chinese recipes, and the all international recipes. You can make the food easily just using the recipes of Urdupoint.com.


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