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Whatsapp Status UpdateWhatsapp status is a key feature of Whatsapp instant app. Using the status people share the text, images, video and the picture. But in the older version of Whatsapp, you can only update the status and by default is “Hi there I am using Whatsapp”. The company update the old version and introduce some new features. The new features of Whatsapp Status Update are high in use. In which you can use the picture, text, video, GIF animation, and the pictures. There is a little change in the Whatsapp Status Update version. They add a new tab for the Whatsapp Web status and the camera to take the picture for Whatsapp status. So now I am going to provide you with the detail how to update the status in the new version of Whatsapp.  There are so many ways that you create the Whatsapp status.

Using the Status Option update the Whatsapp Status

  • Open the Whatsapp if you install on your mobile phone. Otherwise, download, install and verify the number. Then open the tab “Status”.

Whatsapp Status Update

  • Then you see the “My status” open and click on my status.

Whatsapp Status Update

  • If you have already status then go to the top right corner and click on the + sign.

Whatsapp Status Update

  • Then a new window open. Where you can select the photos or video that are already on the bottom. Of click on the shutter if you take the new picture and tap for video. Whatsapp Status Update
  • Then press on the send option. Now your status is updated.
  • If you want to view your status then tap on the status circle or on the right side you see an eye icon and click on them.  This show that how many people seen your updated status and their name.
  • You can manually delete the status but it automatically disappears after 24 hours.

Second Way To Update the Status

If you are going to update the Whatsapp status first time or when the current status is deleted on automatically disappear. So this easy method to Whatsapp Status Update.

  • Go to the bottom right corner of the status window.
  • Then click on the camera option of the edit like the option. The camera icon is used to update the picture audio video. But the text icon uses to update the text that you right manually.

Whatsapp Status Update

  • So choose the option and then after selecting the picture of video click on the send button.
  • Now your WhatsApp status is updated.

How to Delete the update status

  1. Open the Whatsapp on your mobile.
  2. Then open the “status” window.
  3. Click on the status circle and then the eye sign in the bottom.
  4. Here a new window option in which you see how many people seen your status and there name. In this window on the top right corner, you see the delete or trash icon and click on this option.

Whatsapp Status Update

  1. Then Click on “yes”.
  2. Now your Whatsapp Status Update, deleted.

Update Best Whatsapp Status Quotes Now

  • Build up multiple personalities do not remain in the same attitude.
  • I live in the generation of smartphone.

Whatsapp Status Update

  • Pay more attention to the relation of friendship then blood because this relation has no means.
  • Silence show the pain of the people.
  • My status is just uploading.

Whatsapp Status Update

  • People say you fail but I argue that my success move one step next.
  • Every single step leads you to success. So take the first step and then go forward.

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