Whatsapp Status Updated | Cool & Funny Quotes | New Whatsapp Status 2018

Whatsapp Status | Cool & Funny Quotes | New Whatsapp StatusWhatsapp Status is the best way to reveal your thoughts, expression, feelings, views, and the emotions towards others in a precise and the creative style. Whatsapp Status is the innovative and the perceptive way that you put your thought’s feelings into words. Your Whatsapp Status will disappear automatically after 24 hours. In Whatsapp Status you can put the images, text, video, graphics, animated GIF and photos. When you will change your status from time to time that shows your living style and Whatmobile.

By updating the Whatsapp Status you can also make fun using some imaginative images that give rise your thought, feeling and views. You can also send the emoji to someone special. If you want to send your message to some other than number both sides must contain the numbers of each other in their phone book. The people can use Whatsapp Status as per their mood and conversation. So choose the best status from the given status that is according to your mood and attitude.

Best Whatsapp Status

As you know Whatsapp Status shows the attitude, emotion, angry, love, and fun. So here we uncover all the best status that you can put on your status that shows your current mood and the attitude.

  1. Cool Whatsapp Status
  2. Funny Whatsapp Status
  3. Perspective Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Status | Cool & Funny Quotes | New Whatsapp Status

Cool Whatsapp Status

The cool Whatsapp Status exhibit the charming and the cool aspects of your personality.

  • I do not want to show what I am but I want to show how right I’m.
  • I do not like to stuck money but I love to buy new things as per need.
  • One day we all die and do not think that you are more special than any other.
  • We are not born to read the books so do not waste time and read my status.

Whatsapp Status

  • I like to enumerate money but I hate accounting.
  • I am so special in sleeping and make competition with someone else.
  • When the people look at me then say that really God is the best
  • Dear programming I am getting tired to debug your errors so please solve your errors by your own.
  • I want to make my rest of life is the best and happy of my life.

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Funny Whatsapp Status

Your funny status put someone mood into happy and they think positive about your personality. So put the funny status to show that you also spend your life in this way and this is the part your life.

  • Make your typing so fast as the technology grow up.
  • To spend your life without doing something has a great lesson.
  • Books do nothing with technology so become fast to use technology like Facebook and Whatsapp Status.
  • The mosquito carries your blood with permission so it’s a part of our family.

Whatsapp Status

  • The most concern of my live it how they informed me when they will die.
  • The most important work of my life it checks the online friend’s list and the last seen of status.
  • You know people look very innocent before they talk with us the reason is that light travel fast then the sound waves.

Whatsapp Status

  • The vacation is the best job that I do without any hesitation.
  • The people say that the never buy love but that’s wrong then why you pay for love? Balance, Shopping.
  • I want to get the loan from someone or bank and will disappear.
  • The “Good Morning” means in my life to sleep more and “Good Night” to awake full night and make fun.
  • The most important thing is my life is pocket money that I get without any struggle.

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Perspective Whatsapp Status

  • You can feel pleasure until you change your bad attitude.
  • Your personality will destroy even you have a beautiful and pretty face but you have an ugly
  • Try to become moon not the sun, because moon provides you a light and to able you to walk in the dark night.
  • If you have a bad attitude then you can run the relationships for the long
  • If you really love someone then their care is much important then yourself.

Whatsapp Status

  • Make your attitude good because that shows your personality towards people.
  • Work for a dream not dream for work.
  • I get success by changed attitude and make the enemies friend.
  • I the people jealous of your success then it means you are really above from all those who want to down you.
  • The life gives you all the things that you need but not exactly all those that you want.
  • Your success is your attitude, not the work that you’re better done your job.
  • The action that you do or your living style is basically the reflection of your personality and the attitude. So make your personality charming by making positive attitude.

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  • If you are in some problem that has no solution then this is not a problem because every problem comes with the solution.
  • The store of books does not contain the piece of evidence but the actual proof is in your mind and your thinking.
  • The people who change their crush the only reason is GFI animations.
  • If you have a good attitude then the people put the price tag on you because you have some values.

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How you can update your Whatsapp Status?

Here we will discuss in detail how you can update your status so,

  1. Open your Whatsapp instance then open the status window.
  2. You see two options camera and the text. Using camera you can put the video, images and the animated GFI. And using the text you put your own words and the quotes that express the feeling and the attitude of your personality.

Whatsapp Status

3. Then tap to the send button.

4. Now your status is updated and open status and can check how many friends have seen your status.

How To Delete Your Whatsapp Status?

  1. Open the window of status. The tap to the three dots and chose “My Status”.
  2. Then simply delete or trash your status.

Whatsapp Status


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