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Whatsapp webWhatsapp Web: The most user-friendly app that is famous all over the world is instance Whatsapp messaging.  This app is famous and people like to use it and you can use this app to share your ideas, feelings, emotions, views, thoughts and the attitude that show towards your personality. You can share your feeling via a lot of patterns like share text, audio, video, graphics, and the animated GIF.

The latest and enhance the feature of Whatsapp is “Whatsapp web”. You can use the Whatsapp on your personal computers, laptops,  update Whatsapp Status and the computer in your office. Today I am going to define in detail what is Whatsapp web? How we can use it, how to install the Whatsapp web and the features of this most instance Whatsapp messaging.

What is Whatsapp Web?

The advance feature of Whatsapp is now it is launched as a web-based app that supports to use your Whatsapp account or get the messages of your chat with your friend on your laptops and the pc. Now you can use this instance app of your mobile phone account on your computer and all the messages of your ISO devices in synced to your computer.

Whatsapp web

This app provides a lot of easiness to their clients and provides the easiness and pleasure to the professional people that do their works on computers. When the people are working on their laptops and receive the messages on Whatsapp then you do not need to pick up your mobile and check the messages. If you do this then you then your time is waste and also save you to feel any stress.

Some Advance Feature of Whatsapp web

  • It sends you a notification when you are not connected to the internet.
  • It also notifies you whenever your mobile battery getting low.
  • You can also check your Whatsapp status on your computer.
  • You can send the documents, picture, audio, and video via your Whatsapp web

How to use Whatsapp web?

To get the Whatsapp messages of your mobile on your computer simultaneously we introduce the Whatsapp web. You can access your mobile Whatsapp account on your computer with the use of app not by hacking. This is the web-based instance that you can use via chrome browser. You can directly install use this instance app on your computer by installing the Whatsapp web. You need to download the app form the official website of the website.

Whatsapp web

Requirements to use Whatsapp web on PC

If you really want to get access your mobile Whatsapp on your computer then there are some requirements to use this on pc. You are just a user of following one phone.

  • Android
  • Windows phone 8 or 8.1
  • Blackberry
  • iSO 8.1 or above version
  • Nokia S40 and S60

Use Whatsapp Web on PC

Here you get the step by step detail to install the Whatsapp web on your browser and access the account on your personal computer.

  1. Open your browser chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari which one browser you are using currently and open the official website “https://web.whatsapp.com/”. Then you will see this page and you need to scan the given barcode.

Whatsapp web

  1. After that go to your mobile Whatsapp and open the menu where you see the option Whatsapp web. Click on this and scan the barcode.

Whatsapp web

  1. When you complete scan on both devices on your computer and the phone then you see the Whatsapp web on your browser and now are able to access to get the mobile account on your computer and use this using a large keyboard.

Some Limitation of Whatsapp web

  • You cannot make any type of calls like audio or video.
  • This instance app only supports only Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, iSO, and the windows phones users only. The other devices cannot support the Whatsapp web.

Whatsapp Web use on Desktop

Here we discuss step by step process that how to use the Whatsapp web on the desktop.

  1. First, download the Whatsapp web from their official website that is compatible with the version of your windows and the Mac.

Whatsapp web

  1. Unzip the file and open the Whatsapp web application.
  2. Then run as administrator and follow the given terms and the conditions.
  3. When the installation complete then you see the QR code on your computer.

Whatsapp web       4. Then scan that code on your mobile Whatsapp.

5. Go to setting and you see the option Whatsapp web. Click on “Whatsapp web” and then scan the barcode.

Whatsapp web       6. Now you are able to see the Whatsapp web on your desktop and the mobile phone. You can access both accounts

Whatsapp Web QR Code & Authentications

Whatsapp web QR code is just like a barcode, simply you can say that it is advance version of barcode. It store your information just like the barcode store the information as 2D code. This code is used in your mobile phone like Wechat, Paytm, and BHIM app. This code is scanned by using and application on your smart phones and decode your information. Whatsapp web QR code authentications is that is decode the inforamtion and scan then provide the authentications to its users to access their mobile Whatspp account on your PC.

How To Scan QR Code?

Here you see some steps to easily scan the QR  code on your computer.

  • Open the browser and go to the official website. And you must login to the current whatsapp account. Then you see the black and white code just like a barcode in the middle of screen. Instead that if you are using the desktop version the open the desktop application and see the Whatsapp in the middle of the application.

Whatsapp web

  • open the whatsapp on your andriod phone then go to setting  if you are already login otherwise login the account and verify your number.
  • Then click on the whatsapp web/desktop option in the setting.

Whatsapp web

  • Click on OK button to scan the QR code.

Whatsapp web

  • At the end you need to point your camera to the screen where the QR code running.

Whatsapp web

  • Then wait that  QR code scan properly and refresh the browser or web page. Now your account is access on your computer.

Whatsapp web


Logout Whatsapp web on Desktop

The user can log out the Whatsapp web from their desktop and all the other pics where you are currently login. Follow the given step then you log out all the Whatsapp web account from the desktop.

  1. Open the Whatsapp and go to the “setting”.
  2. Click the “Whatsapp web” option.

Whatsapp web      3. Then click on the “Logout from all the devices”.

Whatsapp web

Whatsapp Web Download Link

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