BZU Multan provides the excellence of education in all the field of education. In Higher education commission the BZU has a high rank and well established that is included in the top 8 big universities of Pakistan. Bahauddin Zakariya University comes into beings in 1975. It is one of the well famous, large and the oldest university of Pakistan. The name of this university comes after the  “Hazarat Baha-ud-din Zakariya Multani” which was the Sufi saint. Now, this university is known as the University of Multan ““.

There is the great reason to establish the BZU is to provide the free and inspirational higher education to southern Punjab. The services of this university are so wast and cover the area of BISE Dera Ghazi Khan and the division of Multan. The main goal of this university to provide the higher education and the research field. In the early days the services of BZU are limited but as the time they progress and get the familiarity and prove them in a lot of departments. The BZU also make the campuses in the different areas of the country.

The university provides the facility to the students and also the transports for the students of BZU Multan. Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan contain the

  • 60 departments and the integral colleges
  • 79 affiliated universities and the colleges
  • Oldest colleges are Emerson college, Postgraduate and the Government college
  • 619 members of the faculty

Admission in BZU Multan

In the standard of education Multan in running fast. The quality education and the complete body look of education are BZU Multan. They also go one step forward to the development of culture and the development of the country. The BZU Mulan “” offers many programs in each year. The students from the affiliated and the regular can easily get the admission if they fulfill the requirements.

The related programs that they offer are MBA, MSC, MCS, MA,, M.phil and the PHD. But now a few years ago they also start the 4-year programs for undergraduate students. All the colleges and the BZU Multan “” do their best in the education. Students apply for the requires programs online from “”.

Date Sheet Of BZU Multan

BZU has the control to conduct and manage the examination of master level, bachelor level and the for all the diploma holders. As par schedule and the policies, the examination is conducted on different programs on a different date.

The expected and the policy schedule of examination are as

  • BA/BSC in the month of April
  • in the month of May
  • MA/MSC in the month of July or August

To provide the benefits to the students of the bachelor and the master they publish early one month of examination. The date sheet student can download and set the criteria for the examination.

BZU Multan Results

The BZU Multan has some responsibility to provide the leaning and the research study to all the students. They have three main functions that they perform are

  1. Examination
  2. Teaching
  3. Affiliation

As the date of examination is above mention. The after the examination the result checking and the conclusion process starts. The university has highly educated staff so that maintain the student’s morals and gives their own regards. The result of BA/BSC announced in August and MA/MSC in December and the in September. To get the result date of all other programs remain in touch with the “” and get the latest updates.

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