Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA), Punjab Education & Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA), Punjab was established under the Ordinance of No XXIV in 1999. But after the time being the act and the ordinance of TEVTA was changed as TEVTA ACT as ACT X of 2010 by the Punjab Governor. The objective of this institute is to enhance the workforce in the area of Punjab. This institute provides the standard and the dynamic productive quality of technical and training institute. TEVTA ( provide the promoted and the demand for training and skill development.

With the promotion of new, they also promote the existing one and make it better under the one structure of management. In the responsibilities of this institute is that to control and manage the curricular activities and the certification of the technical and the vocational training “”. In the objective of the technical institute is that to develop the teaching skills in Pakistan. They provide enough tools to the students of training so that they able to upgrade their skills. TEVTA also provide the high-quality staff for all the courses. For the purpose of training and the motivation, they also remain in touch with the industry, agriculture, and commerce. Courses & Diploma

To promote the skill and go for the development of our country Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority play a very effective rule. In each field, they provide the new and the short courses. Then with high standard strategies, they manage the examination and the certification of each course. TEVTA provide their services in the corses of Electrician, Mechanic, Languages, Beautician, computer operator, DAE, B.tec, fashion designing, Civil Survey, plumber and so many other. You can get the detail of all these courses of TEVTA from the “”.

TEVTA Admission 

The Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority, Punjab provide their services in a very efficient manner. The students or the people of Punjab get the admission in any of the given courses. Then within the limited duration that is predefined in their strategies complete the courses and make them able to easily survive in the market.

The purpose of this training institute to overcome the flaws of the skill in the province Punjab and in our country. From the early first day to till now their services play a very vital role in the development of each filed. So, that in each course there are thousands of students that get admission and prove the inner strengthen. You can get the admission form and the guideline to apply for courses from “”.

Results and Certifications

The Government of Punjab leading project Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority works very well. The aim of TEVTA is to polish the skills of the man and the woman in Punjab for the development of human resources. After the completion of the course and the examination, this institute announced the results of diploma and all the courses.

Students get the detail of expected date and the final announcement date of the results from “”. Here the students of DAE and the .tec get their results. After the results of this institute distribute the prize and the certification of each course and the diploma.